Dyeing Process and Yarn Care

Our Special Dyeing Process and Yarn Care


Due to the nature of the hand dying process, not all skeins will be exactly the same however, much care is taken to get them as close as possible.

If using multiple skeins, it is advisable to alternate between skeins throughout your project.

Best colour representation as possible however, colours may vary slightly between screens.

Please be aware that there may be small amounts of bare yarn within any given skein and your project may work up differently to the sample shown. This is the nature and charm of hand dyed yarn.

Those with cat allergies, please be aware that I do have two kitties that live at the Fiber Lily residence. Although they are not allowed near any of the yarn, I feel I should make you aware of this.


Fiber Lily yarns are dyed in 2 or 3 skein lots, using multiple methods to produce an array of colourway effects. Once the dyes are fully exhausted each skein is washed in a delicate wool wash till the water runs clear. However, minor colour bleeding is normal for the first couple of washes. It is highly recommended to wash separately for the first few washes in case of colour bleeding.

While most Fiber Lily yarns are super wash treated, I recommend hand washing all your finished products for peace of mind and longevity.

Please be aware that latex gloves are worn during the dyeing process.

Mocha Hand Dyed Yarn by Fiber Lily Australia knit crochet wool 1