Learn about our special dyeing process and yarn care

Smokey Quartz earthy pecan brown Hand Dyed Yarn by Fiber Lily Australia knit crochet wool
Skimmer sage blue speckled hand dyed yarn by Fiber Lily Australia knit crochet wool

Hand-Dyed Yarn is unique

Due to the hand crafting process of hand dyed yarn, each skein is unique, just like you. Much care is taken to replicate skeins as close as possible. It is however, a unique artisan touch that is clebrated and appreciated in the hand dyed yarn world.

Due to varying techniques and individual outcomes from skein to skein, if using multiple skeins, it is advisable to alternate between skeins throughout your project to minimise a stark visual difference from when you finish one skein and introduce a new one. If using one skein, alternating between the inside and outside of the yarn cake can help reduce striping or pooling.

Images of colourways are represented as accurately as possible however, colours will vary slightly between screens. Reviews have complimented the yarn as being ‘true to colour’. Ensure your screen is callibrated and set to the correct brightness for most accurate visuals.

Please be aware that there may be small amounts of bare yarn within any given skein and your project may work up differently to the sample shown (if shown). This is the very nature and charm of hand dyed yarn.

Those with cat allergies, please be aware that a kitty cat lives at the Fiber Lily residence. Your fur babies may enjoy snuggling with the yarn when it arrives but the Fiber Lily kitty is not allowed near the yarn before it is sent to you.

Dyeing Process and Care

Fiber Lily yarns are dyed 3 or 4 at a time but they are not considered dye lots per se because each skein in each lot emerges with its own unique look. Slow heat and citric acid is used to set dye on the wool. Once the dye has set, each skein is soaked in delicate wool wash (smells amazing!) and rinsed until the water runs clear.

Tonals are dyed in large pots with ample water to ensure movement between skeins which allows the dye to distribute as evenly as possible through each skein. While the dye is distributed well, tonals still produce wonderful nuanced fabric in your knitting and crochet projects.

Speckled colourways are dyed in shallow pans with a base colour often added to the water before it is heated. Once heat is applied, dye is carefully sprinkled on each skein, by hand, to create crisp ‘spots’ of colour, making each skein individual. Speckled colourways may produce a micro striping effect in socks and possible pooling in larger projects. This is where alternating skeins also works its magic!

Minor colour bleeding is normal for the first couple of washes (especially in heavily saturated colourways). Therefore, it is highly recommended to wash separately for the first few washes just in case of a little colour bleeding.

While Fiber Lily yarns are super wash treated, it is recommend to hand wash all your finished projects for peace of mind and longevity.

Please be aware that latex gloves are worn during the dyeing process.

Our yarn bases

Choosing a hand dyed yarn base can be confusing if you are new to the knitting and hand dyed yarn. Here are the specs for each base so you can be sure you are buying the right yarn for your project. If you need help selecting your base, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Fiber Lily yarn bases are streamline – Offering two different weights of the most commonly called for yarns, to suit the requirements of most knitting & crochet patterns.

*All Fiber Lily merino bases are certified non-mulsed.

Fiber Lily SUPER SOFT Sock

$33/100g skein (incl. GST) – 4 ply, fingering weight 75% Non-Mulesed Superfine Australian Merino Superwash/25% Nylon. A wonderful Australian merino yarn. Amazingly soft, with 25% nylon content for durability. 

Recommended Needle Size: 2.25 – 4mm needle

100g – approx 390m/426y

Fiber Lily D’Luxe DK

$33/100g skein (incl. GST) – 8 ply, DK weight, 100%, Non Mulesed, Superfine Australian Merino Superwash. A beautifully soft and lofty Australian merino yarn.

Recommended Needle Size: 3 – 5mm needle

100g approx. 210m/229y

*Prices and bases are subject to change without notice as supply chains/availability can be disrupted at any given time.